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Auto Accident Injury in Michigan

An attorney never knows the value of any auto related injury case in the beginning. There are far too many factors that influence the case value to make a prediction early in the process. In general, there is often some relationship to incurred medical related bills and the pain and suffering value. For example, if you have $5,000 in medical related bills, you probably will get much less for pain and suffering than someone who has $200,000 in medical related bills. In addition, if a doctor says that you are expected to require future medical care that would factor into the equation too.

However, in some cases, medical related bills have no impact whatsoever on the value of your pain and suffering. It depends on the case specifics. For example, if someone lost their eyesight from a facial injury, there is very little treatment. However, that case would have a much higher value than someone who received no treatment for, let’s say, a neck injury.  Moreover, if the fault for the accident is unclear or questionable, then pain and suffering may be reduced accordingly.  Lastly, if the insurance coverage is lower, the case value may be lower.

The unpleasant news is that most medical providers and health insurance companies must be re-paid out of your final settlement. However, we aggressively negotiate those bills with the medical providers, after the cases have settled with the insurance company.

Michigan Auto Accident Attorney

Do you have lost wages? Lost wages are often a very small part of the equation. But sometimes they can be a huge part of the potential car accident claim. For example, if you were earning $65,000 per year before the accident, but then couldn’t ever work again after the accident, you may have a very substantial wage loss claim. But that depends on many factors.  Some common factors include:

  • your age
  • strength of supporting medical evidence
  • clarity of proof of income
  • length of time you had worked at that salary
  • strength of evidence that you had no fault in the accident
  • and many other similar factors.

Accident Injury Case Results

Alan and his firm was able to secure a 6.25 million dollar settlement for a victim of a motorcycle collision that occurred due to a bus driver's negligence.
Motorcycle Accident Judgement
Alan Wittenberg and outside counsel were able to secure a 2.4 million dollar settlement on behalf of a victim of an automobile accident days before trial. The insurance company...
Car Accident Judgement
In early 2000, after a two week trial in Macomb County, Alan Wittenberg's clients, who were husband and wife, secured a jury verdict of approximately 2.1 million dollars.
Car Accident Judgement

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